The Old Reservoir and Devil’s Rock

For many decades Cobar had no permanent water supply, although an area approximately 3 kilometres north of Cobar and called the "Old Res", was Cobar's first water supply. Due to the sporadic nature of rain, lack of water was a big problem for Cobar residents for many years. Water was delivered to Cobar residents by train up until the 1960's when the pipeline from Nyngan was completed. Today the "Old Res" is used for recreation and water sports.

Located near the "Old Res", Devil's Rock is an ancient rock formation which features strongly in Aboriginal legend. It was here that the Ngemba people carried out their ceremonial rites. Access to Devil's Rock is via a 1 kilometre walking track from the "Old Res". A large variety or bird-life and wild-life can be observed in this area.