Peak Gold Mine

Eight kilometres South of Cobar, on the Kidman Way, is the site of Peak Gold Mines. The original Peak Gold Mine was opened in 1896 and in 1906 was purchased by the Great Cobar Copper Mining Co. At this time, underground mining only proceeded to a depth of approximately 90 metres.

Following the closure in 1920 of the Great Cobar Copper Mining Co., small operators worked the Peak mines on and off until the early 1950's. In the 1970's Cobar Mines Pty Ltd diamond drilling exploration program located high grade gold in the deeper mineral zones of the Peak. Continued exploration and development led to the current operation, managed by Peak Gold Limited, opening in 1993. Further exploration since 1993 has extended the life of the Peak mining operations. This has included the development of the New Occidental Gold Mine, which is situated adjacent to the Peak Mines operations and previously closed down in the early 1950's.

At the Peak a viewing platform enables visitors a closer view of a modern-day working mine site. Peak Mines has also developed the "Golden Walk" which takes the visitor past the "Conqueror" mine shaft and the remains of an old stamper battery, Circa 1890's. The stamper, used to crush gold bearing ore by the original operators, is located at the present Peak Gold Mine site. A working model of a similar battery stamper is on the first floor of the Cobar Heritage centre in the gold room.

Close by from an observation platform the visitor can view The Peak Gold Mine in action only 100 metres away.