Centenary of Federation Walking Track

The recently sealed walk starts at the Great Cobar Heritage Centre and moves south along Lewis Street and the edge of the Open Cut, past the Slag Dump and around the back of the Golf Course in front of the Rugby Union Oval. The track winds over the bank of a small ground tank past the Rugby Union Oval and through scrub and bush before reaching the  "Newey" or New Tank.  It does a loop on the bank of the New Tank and  continues around the New Tank and drops off into Tindera Street and Woodiwiss Avenue and back into the CBD.  Alternatevely, the walk continues south behind Jones Drive and links up with a bicycle/walking path that leads about 2km south. The walker than returns north into town. The walk can be completed comfortably in approximately 2 hours.

Maps of the Centenary of Federation Walk can be obtained at the Great Cobar Heritage Centre.